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By connecting the first assistant whose surgical specialty matches up to the surgeon’s need, Paragon adds significant value to the OR experience. Patient care improves with more continuity, OR time and costs are contained, and risks are reduced.

The Paragon Advantage

Our cost-effective staffing solution helps medical practices contain overhead and keep operating funds available for allocation where needed. Paragon handles all payroll-related taxes, training costs, employee benefits, and background checks. Reimbursements are secured through third party billing.

Superior Service & Support

Paragon creates win-win solutions by exceeding expectations on every case. When pairing surgeons and first assistants we strive for a perfect match of work styles, communication and experience. Our clients’ favorable word of mouth is our best marketing tool.

Skilled First Assistants

Paragon employs credentialed first assistants with experience in a wide range of medical specialties. And with such a varied team, Paragon is positioned to provide both smaller practices and entire hospital systems with the expertise they need. When a first assistant has a history with and is able to anticipate a surgeon’s OR preferences and processes, the result is satisfying for all. Being able to provide the right skill set at the right time, in the right place, is a Paragon benefit every surgeon deserves.

Specializing in Specialties

The comprehensive training our assistants bring to the OR covers a variety of skill sets. The unique demands of each medical specialty guide our actions in assigning the best possible assistant for the job. Our first assistants have OR experience in general, orthopedic, bariatric, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, urology, plastic, reconstructive, and other surgical specialties. They are also encouraged to work with facility personnel and anesthesia staff to maintain strict adherence to compliance initiatives that reduce risk.

Scheduling is Just the Start

Beyond making successful staffing connections, Paragon becomes the administrative arm for both surgeon and first assistant. Paragon team members are experienced in certified AMBA staff and surgical billing. We offer Kareo billing software, electronic and/or paper billing, customized billing strategies, licensed CPT coders, plus secure data storage and process transparency. We also perform all necessary background checks and facilitate all credentialing through the facility.

Responsive & Available 24/7

Being on call is a way of life in the medical field, and Paragon shares this commitment by making our first assistants available on a 24 hour a day/7 days a week basis. Contact us at (214) 383-2770 during or after regular business hours and our staff will handle your case with the necessary urgency. Many of our first assistants have cross-trained in several specialties, assuring an appropriately experienced first assistant will be available at all times.

As an added benefit, Paragon employs an experienced RNFA who acts as the on-site facilitator when a first assistant is initially assigned to a surgeon. Our RNFA handles the first assistants orientation, makes introductions, observes OR performance, and follows up afterward to gauge both the surgeon’s and first assistant’s satisfaction.

Accounting & Billing

With cost-effective Paragon staffing, operating funds from an OR budget can be allocated where needed and overhead can be contained. Paragon secures reimbursements through third party billing.

Paragon also covers these costs:
• All payroll-related taxes (such as FICA, FUTA, SUTA, workers’ compensation, etc.)
• All employee benefits (Medical, Vacation and more)
• Payment for CEUs and training
• Costs of all necessary background checks
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